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Bleue Gandoura in muslin and silk satin lining

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Bleue Gandoura in muslin and silk satin lining, worked with a silver color Sfifa and Aakads buttons, with embroidered patterns, for a splendid radiance

A Gandoura is a traditional Moroccan dress of Berber origin. It is a long tunic, sleeveless and without hood.

In some ceremonies, or religious holidays, it can replace the caftan. As for the tunic, the gandoura impresses with its variety of different shapes, colors and materials. It can also be printed, low-cut...

Due to the importance the gandoura takes increasingly, designers have models in valuable fabrics, richly embroidered or beaded.

LiningSilk satin
Haberdasherybraided silvered Sfifa and buttons "Aakads"

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