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Silk couture djellaba

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Silk couture turquoise blue djellaba, three-quarter sleeves, elegant, with all-over nodes patterns, worked silver Sfifa and turquoise blue Aakads. Created by our craftsmen for girls and women wishing to acquire sublimity and splendor.

Djellaba, adopted both by women and men, is a common outfit : a long garment with large sleeves  and a hood.It was mainly a kind of " cover - all ". In recent years, we have seen djellabas’ major changes. It can be worn for religious holidays  as for ceremonies.

The designers are now giving the djellaba a prominent place. The djellaba, as well as the caftan, is cut in velvet, silk or brocade, it is also often richly embroidered with gold thread, silver thread or even silk thread. It is an essential garment in every Moroccan wardrobe.

Waist104 CM
Length of sleeve42 CM
HaberdasherySilvered Sfifa and turquoise buttons "Aakads"

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