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Black cap "Selham" in mlifa made with silvery gold thread

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Black cap "Selham" in mlifa made with silvery gold thread.

Another element of Moroccan traditional dress: the cape, or Selham, very large clothing, long or medium length, with a hood usually adorned with a tassel. The cape closes on the chest. Basically, the selham was used as a coat against the cold.

The selham is a garment that, at various occasions, is a necessary accessory. We can wear a selham over a djellaba, a caftan or a takchita: it is the symbol of chic and refinement.

The selham has changed over time, both in terms of the cut at the level of materials (wool, cotton or silk), and in terms of weaving, embroidery, trimmings and colors.


ClothFine wool fabric "Mlifa"

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